U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Tour Stops in Raleigh County

Oak Hill, WV (WOAY-TV): The next stop on our journey to follow the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Tour was The Tamarack Place!

The Woodrow Wilson Band was getting into the Christmas spirit, playing some Christmas tunes at this particular tour. One of band members said, “So, we got the invite, so we showed up, play some Christmas music, get the holiday festivities going.”

There was no shortage of the holiday spirit. It’s not even Thanksgiving and these kids are rocking the Christmas attire for many of these kids. This was an experience of a lifetime. Chief Meteorologist Chad Merrill asked Ethan from Raleigh County, W.Va., if he had ever seen a Christmas tree like this before. He said, “Never in my whole life.”

This was definitely a magical Christmas moment for many of those in Beckley.

Robbie Mann of Beckley, W.Va., said, “I was just like, This is great. This is my 41st Christmas, and I just can’t thank God for all He does for how he grows the trees and everything.”

Speaking of growth and development, the U.S. Forest Service was on hand to illustrate how this particular Christmas tree evolved through all four seasons. The U.S. Forest Service said the rings on the trees indicate its dormancy in the winter, activity in the summer and its age. The tree is 38-years old.

Speaking of the status of the Christmas tree, let’s get an update from Tina White of the Forest Service to see how the U.S. Capitol Christmas tree is holding up through all these different tour stops through West Virginia.

White said, “Along the way, we stop at different areas, have some help from some fire departments and places where we can add water to the tree as we continue traveling. So it’s getting water through the whole journey.”

We want to thank the Tamarack Marketplace for putting on a spectacular event on Tuesday, and we look forward to seeing that 63-foot Norway spruce shining brightly in the U.S. Capitol West Lawn in early December.

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