Two new businesses open their doors in Bluefield, VA

BLUEFIELD, VA (WOAY) – On Wednesday afternoon, two new businesses held their ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

The first is a tuxedo and suit store called The Tux Man. Owner David Bowers used to run the business out of his wife’s store until she retired, he then decided to open up his own store in Bluefield.

“I decided to continue the tuxedo business, there is a need here in town,” said the owner of The Tux Man David Bowers. “The kids love it and I love working with the kids it keeps me young. But I love working with the kids and making them look good for their special occasions.”

The second business is Yost Insurance which is an independent Medicare insurance agency that deals with Humana, United Health, and several others. Owner Ron Yost has been in the office for about seven months and is excited to be able to serve the Bluefield area where he grew up.

“It’s an opportunity really to explain what can be a complicated situation with people just going into Medicare or people that are already on Medicare that may want to change their plan,” said the owner of Yost Insurance Ron Yost. “This is a great location to do that.”

Both business owners agree that the location is an ideal spot because it is centralized in town and allows them to also serve the surrounding area.

“It’s kind of central,” Yost said. “Bluefield, Virginia is kind of a village so we got a lot of things going on around it and we are lucky enough that we got the building.”

“I’m the only tuxedo rental place in Bluefield, the two Bluefields,” Bowers said. “There is one in Princeton and one in Tazewell so we kind of share the ends of the two areas. There is just a need here.”

The fact that both owners are also well known in the area adds to the value that their businesses will bring to the community. This is something that the mayor is very excited about.

“It’s really exciting to see this new activity coming to our downtown area,” said Mayor of Bluefield, VA Donnie Linkous. “Dave and his wife have been in business for a long time on Main Street and they closed so he decided to open his own business down here, The Tuxedo Man. And Mr. Yost with his insurance agency, he’s going to specialize in Medicare and that is a big thing for our age group and people that are getting older now. I think it’s going to be a big addition to our town.”

Both businesses are located at 222 Spring Street in Bluefield, Virginia.

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