TSA prevents Wyoming County man from carrying handgun on flight at Raleigh County Memorial Airport

Beckley, WV (WOAY) – A Wyoming county man has been cited after Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers at Raleigh County Memorial Airport prevented him from carrying a loaded gun onto a flight. 

An officer spotted the firearm in the checkpoint x-ray machine and alerted a Raleigh County sheriff’s deputy, who allowed the man to give the .32 caliber handgun over to a relative who was not flying. 

The man now faces a federal financial penalty for bringing the weapon to the airport. 

This is the second gun that TSA officers discovered at the airport this month. 

Travelers who want to bring firearms when flying must pack them properly in their checked luggage and declare them at their airline check-in counter.

Airline official transport checked firearms in the belly of the plane, where they are not accessible during the flight. 

TSA has further details on properly traveling with a firearm posted on its website at tsa.gov. 

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