Trout stockings provide opportunities for year-round fishing adventures in WV

ELKINS, WV (WOAY) — Fishing opportunities abound in West Virginia thanks to the Division of Natural Resources’ year-round trout stocking program. Since the start of the year, DNR fisheries biologists have been stocking trout in lakes and streams around the state to provide places where anglers and their families can cast a line.

“It’s all about providing a memorable experience for our anglers and getting kids and new anglers excited about fishing in West Virginia,” said Jim Hedrick, DNR’s hatchery program manager. “We start stocking trout in January in some select waters. Then as February and March come along, we stock more and more waters at a higher frequency.”

This is all made possible by the work being done at West Virginia’s hatcheries, where hundreds of thousands of fish are spawned and raised each year. As fishing becomes more popular in West Virginia, DNR is looking for additional help with its trout stocking program.

“We are going to hire some temporary additional labor this year to assist with the spring stocking season,” Hedrick said. “We want to get out into these lakes and streams and make sure the fish are better distributed and spread out, so anglers have a better fishing experience.”

Those interested in applying should call 304-637-0245.

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