Trent Crewe to serve as Town of Bluefield’s newest Town Manager

BLUEFIELD, VA (WOAY) – Trent Crewe was made the official Town Manager of Bluefield, Virginia after serving as an interim. 

In October of 2020, then Town Manager of Bluefield Mike Watson resigned from his position to take over a new role as a county administrator in Carroll County.

Watson’s last day was in December, and the town was searching for a new Town Manager. Eventually, they decided that local attorney Trent Crewe would take over the role. 

“We were the town attorney, our law firm was the town attorneys for about a year,” Crewe said. “And then when Mike Watson left to take another job, they had to open it. And the council asked us if we would consider performing the manager duties in addition to our legal duties, and we did for a while.”

Crewe served as the interim Town Manager until this past week, when his new title was made official. He says he’s ready to adjust to the new office and get to work helping the town.

“I knew what we were getting into because we’d been working with the Town of Bluefield for about a year. Good people doing good work, just got to get everything organized with the new town council, figure out which direction they want to go and then try and get there.”

Crewe is no stranger to holding office in city government. He was mayor of the Town of Wytheville for more than 20 years and his law firm has represented many local governments around the area. 

“It’s not that terribly different, I was mayor of the Town of Wytheville for 28 years, and then our law practices represent about a dozen local governments. So we’ve been active in local governments, my partner and I, for years. I have a pretty good feel for how the local government part of it works. I’ve just got to learn the specific flavors for the Town of Bluefield.”

Crewe’s term is expected to be three years.

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