Golfing for Charity: Toys for Tots holds tournament in Grandview

GRANDVIEW, WV (WOAY) – It is Christmas in July as golfers from across the area tee off to help others.

Grandview country club normally stays busy with golfers, but today these golfers play for more than just a love for the game, they play for charity.

“Toys for Tots” local Coordinator Jay Quesenberry says “The money goes towards buying toys for deserving boys and girls for our Toys for Tots campaign, as well as scholarships from West Virginia home builders.

We split the proceeds. Bothe very good causes, both helping young people; and we’re all about trying to encourage, uplift and support young people.”

The combination of having fun, and giving back to the community made for a great turn out at the third annual golf tournament.

Quesenberry stated “Yes, This has been a really big one for us this year, we’re so excited and encouraged because we’ve had two tee times.

We had an early one at eight o’clock, then another one at one o’clock,

The tournament has doubled this year, and we’re so thankful.”

One of the prizes available for participants in the tournament included a brand new car for anyone who could hit a hole-in-one on hole nine of the course, but Quesenberry believes the real prize is giving back to the children.

“it’s really about encouragement, uplifting support for these children to make sure they’re not left out and somebody cares about them.

The toy is the mechanism to do that and we want to show them that someone does care, and we don’t want to have a single child disappointed on Christmas morning.” said Quesenberry.

With the tournament steadily growing each year, more and more children are receiving the help they deserve, and as long as that continues sponsors plan on continuing the annual event for as long as possible.

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