Town of Tazewell to soon add kayak access point on Clinch River

TAZEWELL, VA (WOAY) – The Town of Tazewell is excited to add a new kayak access point. 

The Town sits near the Clinch River but lacks any kayak access points. It’s part of a recent fund the town received for outdoor recreation amenities. Tazewell plans to build the kayak access point, upgrade hiking trails and add other outdoor activities for its citizens.

Amanda Hoops with Tazewell Today says they’re looking forward to providing these things for the community.

“We want to utilize the Clinch River as much as we can. We currently do not have an access point for kayaks in the Town of Tazewell, so this will be really exciting to be able to provide that for the community,” Hoops said.

Until the access point is added, town residents can take advantage of nearby Lincolnshire Lake, which boasts a nature trail and kayak rentals.

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