Town of Tazewell sees new opportunity after being designated an official Main Street Community

TAZEWELL, VA (WOAY) – Last year the Town of Tazewell was designated by the Commonwealth of Virginia as an official Main Street Community.

It was one of only 30 cities across all of Virginia to receive that designation in 2020. It opened the town to new grant opportunities that are only applicable to Main Street Communities.

Amanda Hoops with Tazewell Today says it’s not just going to benefit the local government, but local businesses as well. 

“It’s very special, it’s a really big deal for us. Thanks to that designation, that provides grant opportunities for small businesses that are located on the Main Street corridor that we were not previously eligible for. Tazewell Today and the Town of Tazewell are now eligible for additional funding because of our Virginia Main Street designation as well,” Hoops said.

One of the first things the town did after receiving the Main Street designation was get to work on applying for state-funded grants. They recently received one that would help offset the cost of building a new amphitheater for the town. 

“The very first thing we’re working on is an amphitheater project on Main Street that will be an outdoor event center and marketplace. And we just received a small grant to start the planning process and get the ball rolling on that. We would not have been eligible for that grant, had we not have been a designated Virginia Main Street.”

This shows that the Main Street designation is more than just a fancy title. The town was awarded the designation after a lengthy process of revitalizing its downtown corridor.

Hoops says this designation is proof that the town has been growing and thriving, despite all the challenges the previous year brought. 

“It feels so good to be able to provide these opportunities for the town and to see it grow and to see our businesses flourish. And even though COVID, we have made it happen, we’ve made it work and everybody is not only surviving, but we’re thriving here.”

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