Town of Pax holds 100 year anniversary celebration after four-month hiatus during pandemic

PAX, WV (WOAY) – The town of Pax held its 100th-anniversary celebration.

The town of Pax was originally founded in March of 1920. Earlier this year, the town was planning to have a huge celebration for the 100th anniversary of the town’s founding. Unfortunately, it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now after a four-month hiatus, they’re having the celebration on Independence Day. 

“It caused us to have a really minor celebration in March and then we were hoping that things would be somewhat back to normal for the Fourth of July. So we decided to put off a bigger celebration,” Pax mayor William Hughes said. 

The town’s mayor and local organizations came together to put on a celebration that combined the Fourth of July and the town’s anniversary. A car show by Shade Tree Car Club and even a parade were put on. 

“Shade Tree Car Club came down and brought their cars and had a small parade with the fire department. Just to try to get people out of their houses, enjoy the sun.”

The Wingmen Motorcycle Club, even came out to enjoy the festivities and held their own Fourth of July party on the side as well. According to the motorcycle club’s president David Stricklend, each year they help put together the town’s fireworks. 

“There’s so many people that come together for this. The volunteer fire department, Wingmen Motorcycle club, Town of Pax. I mean it’s just incredible the amount of support that comes out.”

According to the mayor, the townspeople are proud to be able to celebrate the anniversary of their town on the same day as the anniversary of our nation. 

“Just celebrating both. We’re just celebrating 100 years of the town and 244 years of this great nation.”

The fireworks in Pax will start at 9:00 P.M., July 4, and will be visible from Humphrey Picnic Park. 

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