Town of Fayetteville looking to repurpose former elementary, middle and high school

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Over the past few years the Town of Fayetteville has acquired three different historic school buildings from the Fayette County Board of Education. These buildings are the former Fayetteville Elementary, Middle and High Schools. 

The town has now opened up for bidding on potential construction projects.

According to Fayetteville Superintendent Matt Diederich, they’re goal is to develop them into brand new facilities to spur economic development. Specifically, they want a new hotel and apartment building.

“What we are hoping for, two needs we have in Fayetteville would be a boutique hotel, and the other building, the elementary school, would be apartments.”

According to the town, the hotel would be useful as more visitors come to the area as the New River Gorge is reclassified as a National Park. They say it would also provide more room for parking in downtown Fayetteville, which could help local businesses.

The three buildings are very historic to the town of Fayetteville, and after listening to many residents’ concerns, the town is insisting they will keep the Elementary school’s gymnasium and neighboring football field.

“We are planning to maintain and keep the gymnasium with the town, and also the football field. Kind of use it as a community center. Have football leagues, maybe soccer, baseball, and basketball leagues.”

The town will be accepting bids on projects until February 2022

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