Tips to start off your fitness New Years resolution

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – The hardest part of starting a fitness routine is to actually get started. Once you overcome the hurdle of getting in the gym the next obstacle is setting reasonable goals for yourself. Which means setting goals you hope to achieve over a monthly time frame not a daily or weekly one.

“You don’t want to start with a big goal that you can’t achieve in a short amount of time,” said Active Fitness Personal Trainer Shauna King. “You want to start with baby steps and figure out goals that can be reached within thirty days. Then extend that goal to sixty days and keep going from there.”

Once your goals are set it’s important to maintain a routine. Many times people start the year of good, but soon life takes over and they run out of time to work out. Personal trainer Shauna King says to plan ahead and schedule your work out.

“Goal setting is something that has to be seen, it’s something that has to be achievable,” King said. “By taking out your scheduler and scheduling your work out time it helps you visualize your goals when it comes to fitness.”

King says she even schedules her work outs to ensure she dedicates time. You don’t even have to dedicate a lot of time simply an hour of working out will still allow you to achieve your goals. There also is no bad time to work out it’s solely based on your personal preference. Many people find working out in the morning gives them more energy while others prefer to work out in the evening in order to blow of steam from the day. You can even work out with friends to help keep you motivated.

Many gyms also offer programs for first time members to teach them the ropes.

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