Tennessee Mom Who Gave Birth To Baby While In Coma Passes Away

NASHVILLE, TN- The Tennessee woman, known as the “miracle mom,” passed away Monday.


Sharista Giles became nationally known after giving birth to a baby boy while in a coma.


The Sweetwater woman was left with severe brain injuries following a bad accident leaving a 2014 Dierks Bentley concert in Nashville.


Sharista went into a coma following the crash and doctors said she only had a 2 percent chance of coming out of it. But four months later, she woke up.

That’s why despite this horrible news of her death, the family says the experience has made them big believers in miracles.

Sharista Giles’ dream was to become a mom, and she was over the moon to be expecting a baby boy.

“If you’re a mother, you would know the bond and she had that bond with her son,” Aunt Beverly Giles said.

While in a coma for those four months, Sharista gave birth to a little boy weighing less than two pounds. His name is Leighton, and Beverly said he’s a normal kid, healthy and happy.

While she couldn’t walk or speak after coming out of the coma nearly four years ago, Beverly says Sharista knew and loved her son.

“He got to see his mom every day,” Beverly said. “He knew his mom. He called her mom, and he would curl up in the bed with his mother he called her mommy. It’s just heart wrenching.”

Now the family wants to do everything they can to keep Sharista’s memory alive in her son’s heart so he knows the smiling, vivacious woman before the accident.

They believe she is now Leighton’s guardian angel, and a reminder to all of us to live life to the fullest.

The family said they still don’t have a definite cause of death for Sharista. Doctors told them it was cardiac arrest, likely related to complications from the crash.

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