Tazewell County to be part of the construction of Project Jonah

TAZEWELL COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – The Board of Supervisors of Russell, Buchanan and Tazewell Counties announced one of the most important economic development events of the Cumberland Region, the construction of Project Jonah–the world’s largest vertically integrated indoor aquaculture facility.

Located on the boundary of Tazewell and Russell Counties in Southwest Virginia, the facility will employ over 200 residents whose individual median wage will equal or exceed the total median family income of families in all of the three counties.

The project is to be constructed by Pure Salmon, a global leader in aquaculture.  Pure Salmon will invest approximately $228 million in facility and equipment.  This is one of the largest private capital investment projects in Southwest Virginia history.  The facility will raise and process up to 20,000 tons of salmon annually.

The three counties have been working with the project for nearly six years to land the big fish.  A combination of local and regional economic development incentives was offered jointly by the counties to augment their coal driven economies with this environmentally friendly industry.

In 2013, Delegate Will Morefield traveled to Israel to seek out economic opportunities for
Southwest Virginia. In 2015, a contingent of local officials traveled to observe similar largescale aquaculture projects.

Travis Hackworth, a member of the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors travelled with local officials to look at pilot projects and stated “The facility we saw under construction was amazing. It was unbelievably large, and our project is going to be ten times that size. The number of jobs required will give opportunity to so many of our residents to stay home and not have to move away for work. We are thankful to have this tremendous opportunity.”

Beginning in 2017, Tazewell, Russell and Buchanan Counties, all of whom had been
considered as potential sites for the project, began to realize that the fish project was too big for any on of them to land alone. Together they formed a regional industrial facilities authority, seeking ways to contribute jointly to the local incentives and share the future tax revenue. The counties concluded their negotiations in October 2020, in time to enter an historic revenue sharing agreement, providing the final piece of the local incentive puzzle necessary for the project.

Craig Stiltner, Chairman of the Buchanan County Board of Supervisors, also supported the
endeavor and remarked, “This project is the realization of the work of many people from
Buchanan, Russell and Tazewell Counties to create a regional project that provides for
economic diversity, high paying jobs and an increased tax base that will inure to the benefit of all three participating counties. Regional cooperation is the future for the coalfield counties of Southwest Virginia.”

Rebecca Dye, Russell County Board of Supervisors Chairperson, spoke of the project and the importance of jobs and economic development in the county and within the coalfield region, “This regional project will enable our coalfield region to capitalize on the skills and talents of our county’s workforce while giving our children opportunities for the future. By working together, we will strengthen our communities, workforces, and quality of life for all.”

The Virginia Coalfield Economic Development Authority also supported the project by
offering incentives funded by the Commonwealth’s Metallurgical Coal Tax Credit Program.
The project purchased 203 acres of land near Southwest Virginia Community College in the
summer of 2020 and applied for their land disturbing permits this fall. Site preparation will
begin in earnest this winter.

A spokesperson for Pure Salmon, said “We are pleased to have chosen Southwest Virginia as the location for our Pure Salmon facility. Our decision was driven by the early support and continued assistance we have received from Delegate Morefield, the Virginia Coalfield
Economic Development Authority, Tazewell County, Southwest Virginia Community College
and the College Foundation as well as the benefits of economic development policies such as HB222. Our aim as a company is to produce clean, healthy and fresh locally produced salmon while providing increased opportunities for the local community.”

The project is expected to be complete by the end of 2023.  For more information about Pure Salmon visit www.pure-salmon.com

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