Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office will host church safety summit

TAZEWELL, VA (WOAY) – All denominations deserve to worship without fear. The Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office is doing their part and making that happen. On February 4, 2020, The Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office will hold a church safety summit at Destiny Outreach Ministries to discuss what church members can do in emergency situations. The two-hour safety summit will help church leaders and church members deal with situations that may threaten church safety. The class starts at 6 p.m.

“Violence is a part of what we have to deal with as far as a community. Whether it be on a small scale or a large scale so this is something that opens people’s eyes. Listen we live in a particularly peaceful area of the country. However, it always the potential for violence. You know the important part of the training we don’t want people to live in fear, but what we want you to do is be prepared,” said Lieutenant Ron Holt.

For more information on training contact the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office.


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