Tazewell County Public Schools finishes first round of vaccine distributions

TAZEWELL, VA (WOAY) – Tazewell County Public Schools has been vaccinating the majority of its employees over the past two weeks.

Schools were put on remote learning schedules for two days a week for the past two weeks so school employees could have time to get vaccinated.

According to Lisa Singleton, the nursing coordinator with Tazewell County Public Schools, the process of vaccinating hundreds of employees went by without issue.

“It went very well. We had a little over 730 employees to be vaccinated with the first round,” Singleton said.

Schools are put near the top of the priority list for vaccine distribution in Virginia. According to the school board, more than just teachers were allowed to receive the vaccine as well.

“The employees that received the vaccines were all Tazewell County Public Schools employees and anyone associated with Tazewell County Public Schools. So, substitutes, bus drivers, volunteers.”

There were roughly 730 employees vaccinated over the past two weeks. And Tazewell County Public Schools has roughly 900 employees in total, which means roughly 80% of the school’s employees have received their first doses of the vaccine. Hardly anyone reported side effects and those that did only had mild symptoms.

“The vaccine has some side effects associated with it, so they had some mild side effects that were resolved within three days.”

School employees will receive their second doses of the vaccine in mid-February.

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