Tazewell County Election Results

TAZEWELL COUNTY, VA (WOAY)- Final election results are also in for Tazewell County.

For the Mayor of Bluefield, Virginia, Donald Scott Linkous defeated James Jarrod Bailey. The final vote was 1,352 votes for Linkous versus 973 votes for Bailey.

For the Mayor of Pocahontas, Benjamin A. Gibson wins against Charles T. Helmandollar. The final vote was 78 votes for Gibson versus 73 votes for Helmandollar.

For Mayor of Tazewell, Michael F. Hoops wins with 1,763 votes.

Douglas R. Ratliff, C. Logan Plaster and Mike J. Street Jr. win Richlands Member Town Council.

David H. Fox, Joe R. Beasley and Glenn L Catron win for Tazewell Member Town Council.

Charles E. “Chuck” Presley Jr., Richard A. “Rick” Holman Jr., and Ron D. Holt II win for Bluefield Member Town Council.

Ted M. Sluss, J. Suzanne Brinegar and Don E. Cates II win for Pocahontas Member Town Council.

Regarding Constitutional Amendment 1, there were 11,969 votes for yes, while only 6,834 voted against it.

Regarding Constitutional Amendment 2, 90 percent of the votes were for the amendment, while less than 10 percent were against the amendment.

Finally, regarding the Advisory Referendum on Relocation of the Confederate Soldier Monument, 17,258 votes were casted against the removal while only 2,480 votes.

For Mayor of Richlands and Member Town Council for Cedar Bluff, the final results are unavailable at the time due to the results being too close to call.

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