Summers County High School hosting auction to clear out inventory

HINTON, WV (WOAY) – Summers County High School is inviting the community out for a huge auction on surplus inventory.

According to Kenneth Lester, the school’s director of facilities, ever since their middle and high school consolidated they have had a lot of inventory that is no longer needed and needs to go. So they’re holding a silent auction to clear out the space. 

“We have combined our middle school and high school into a comprehensive high school,” Lester said. “And so there’s a lot of kitchen equipment, machine shop or automotive equipment, even some welding equipment.”

Some of the items for sale include large appliances and tools. There are sewing machines from home economics, lunch tables from the cafeteria, and even specialized tools like power saws are up for sale as well, which could be of good use to local businesses.

A major highlight of the sale is four county school buses and a state vehicle which are available for purchase, but people have to act fast.

“There are four school buses that have been well maintained. They were just carrying students a month or so ago, so they are in good shape. But you have until the end of the day tomorrow. So if people want to get bids in they need to do it quickly.” 

The sale has been going on all week and ends very soon on Thursday, July 15, at noon. Anyone wanting to make a bid will have to stop by Summers County High School or the Board Office. Bids will be counted over the weekend and winners announced on Monday. 

All proceeds from the sale will go directly to the school board, ultimately helping the students, teachers and sport teams.

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