State Treasurer delivers $235,000 check to Fayette County Commission

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore made a stop in Fayetteville to present a check to the local government.

The check was from unclaimed property and was given to the Fayette County Commission. The money originated from stale-dated checks and totaled more than $235,000.

Treasurer Moore says this money comes from many different checks in Fayette County that have been sitting unclaimed for years.

“This came from stale checks that were previously uncashed and expired,” Moore said. “We run across this quite a bit. And we’re being very proactive to turn back as much of this money as we can.” 

Moore says his office believes the money is better spent if it is given back to the local government, rather than sitting unclaimed for decades.

West Virginians can use the state’s treasury website to search for any unclaimed property they may own.

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