State Solid Waste Management Board announces grant funding

CHARLESTON, WV (WOAY) – 37 local Solid Waste Authorities (SWAs) will receive grants totaling $386,215 as a result of action taken by the Solid Waste Management Board (SWMB) at their meeting Wednesday.

The SWMB Grant Program is designed to assist local SWAs in the job of properly managing solid waste within their perspective counties or regions.

The grant recipients are:

Barbour County: $11,000 – for wages, baling wire and insurance.

Berkeley County: $11,800 – for hauling fees, maintenance/repairs and equipment.

Boone County: $10,000 – for maintenance/repairs for trucks and dumpsters.

Braxton County: $10,000 – for wages, insurance and rent.

Brooke County: $8,358 – for a bobcat battery, recycling truck fuel tank, maintenance/repairs of a baler, truck repairs, bailing wire, accounting software, financial exam and insurance.

Calhoun County: $12,990 – for wages, insurance and maintenance/repairs on a truck.

Doddridge County: $15,000 – for a litter control truck.

Greenbrier County: $10,000 – for roof improvements.

Hancock County: $9,400 – for wages, household hazardous waste and recyclables transportation and processing.

Harrison County: $10,000 – for a household hazardous waste event.

Jackson County: $10,000 – for maintenance/repairs for vehicle and equipment and operating supplies.

Kanawha County: $10,000 – for maintenance/repairs for vehicle and equipment and insurance.

Lincoln County: $13,000 – for wages, insurance, hauling fees for recyclables and financial examination.

Logan County: $14,795 – for a blade, trailer and a bucket and hydraulic thumb for their excavator.

Marion County: $8,000 – for wages, maintenance/repairs, tires and a computer.

Mason County: $11,000 – for wages and insurance.

McDowell County: $5,000 – for litter control officer wages.

Mercer County: $10,000 – for computer and software.

Monongalia County: $9,577 – for wages, office supplies, rent and telephone/internet expenses.

Monroe County: $9,8000 – for insurance, financial examination and maintenance/repairs for truck.

Morgan County: $14,000 – for hauling fees and wages.

Nicholas County: $10,000 – for leachate treatment and monitoring.

Ohio County: $10,160 – for a household hazardous waste collection event and wages.

Pleasants County: $12,002 – for insurance, utilities and recycling bins.

Pocahontas County: $9,000 – for tarps, spray nozzles and a computer.

Preston County: $9,133 – for tires, winch and winch mount, chainsaw, stream stations, big bottle recyclers, utility trailer and UTV roof, doors, hitch, switch kit and cover.

Putnam County: $7,000 – for office supplies and demolition fees.

Raleigh County: $10,000 – for a wind fence.

Region VIII: $10,000 – for stabilizing a wall and other repairs to the transfer station.

Ritchie County: $13,300 – for a box trailer and licensing, maintenance/repairs to forklift and truck, phase converter, utilities and office supplies.

Roane County: $8,943 – for insurance, office supplies and advertising.

Taylor County: $15,000 – for property improvements.

Tucker County: $10,000 – for treatment of leachate.

Upshur County: $9,100 – for insurance, office supplies, paper shredding event, field trips, advertising/direct mail and a Make It Shine event.

Wayne County: $9,536 – for tires, wages, office supplies, vehicle GPS and a financial examination.

Wetzel County: $9,321- for utilities, insurance, a computer and accessories, installation of security system and accounting services.

Wood County: $10,000 – for electric pallet jacks and a chain link fence.

For more information, visit the West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board website at:

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