Southern Communications and more help STUFF THE BUS with school supplies

It’s that time of year again. For area businesses and Southern Communications radio stations, it means engaging the community to support our local students and teachers.

“Stuff the bus, we’re collecting all school supplies so our children in Fayette County have a wonderful year,” said general manager Beth Reger. “We have our teachers and the Fayette County communities in schools working the doors, collecting supplies and they take that product back today with them to their classes.”

A great way to give back and help those teachers who dip into their own pockets to outfit their classrooms and show the students that we care.

“Some kids don’t have the ability to have some of this stuff so it’s nice for the teachers to have extra if the kids need it or whatever,” said senior account executive John Rakes. “And they don’t have to feel bad for asking for it, teacher can just give it to them.”

This is the third year the community showed up in a big way. Rakes said also their sponsors; without them, none of this would be possible.

“We’ve always done it in Beckley, and this year we’ve added Fayetteville,” Rakes said. “So we continue to grow and try to help out the kids in the surrounding counties.”

They say last year the amount they collected was substantial.

“My daughter personally… she’s at Liberty High School. She was able to supply her kids with their needs that day when they came and registered,” said Reger. “I mean; it really helps.”

And Rakes said they gather more than just notebooks and crayons.

“Especially in the tech age — kids need earbuds, backpacks. So we’re gathering all those things today,” he said. “Anything that can help the kids out in any way… we’ll take it and make sure that they get it.”

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