‘Snow Moon’ Tonight, Mild Trend This Week

Oak Hill, WV (WOAY-TV): Tonight is our February full moon, appropriately (in an average winter) named the “Snow Moon.” However, this is the smallest full moon of the month.

The reason— the moon cycles through its journey where it’s closest point to Earth (called the perigee) and farthest point from Earth (called apogee). This month’s full moon happens to coincide with apogee, so this is the smallest full moon (opposite of a Super Moon, which occurs during perigee) of the year! The moon is 252,571 miles from Earth tonight!

Below is a collection of full moon photos from our Facebook followers tonight!


A cold front will move through closer to daybreak. The clouds will shield the moonlight tonight. A flurry could occur closer to daybreak but then the sun will win out by early afternoon tomorrow and our temperatures won’t be ANYTHING like they were following the late week front that produced our wind chill alerts on Friday.

High pressure will move off the coast and we’re in for a considerable warming trend this week with rain late Wednesday into Thursday. Only a modified Pacific air mass returns Friday into early this weekend with a few flurries. On the impact scale, the late week snow ranks as a 1.5.

Have a great week!

~Meteorologist Chad Merrill

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