Selina Vickers announces she is a candidate for House of Delegates

Selina Vickers

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Selina Vickers filed on Saturday to run for House of Delegates to serve district 32, covering Fayette, and portions of Raleigh, Nicholas, Clay, and Kanawha counties. Ms. Vickers has pledged to not accept any corporate PAC money and plans to fund her campaign by individuals that support good government, clean elections, and transparency.

“I’m running because I’m aware, I care and I’m committed. I’m aware of the crushing problems that affect our families, I deeply care about the hurt and struggles that people are experiencing, and I’m firmly committed to finding solutions that work for us all.”

Among key issues, Vickers has long been deeply concerned about the insidious influence of large, often corporate donations to candidates for public office which, all to often, determines who gets elected to the statehouse and in shaping public policy that all too often favors corporate interests at the expense of every-day West Virginians.

“I will work for the people of my district and the people of WV, not corporate interests. This is the richest time in WV history. We are not a poor state. We are a state that gives our resources away to benefit people who never stepped a foot through our glorious mountains or valleys. That must change. Our resources must be used to benefit our people first and foremost,” states Vickers, adding, “I’m choosing the side of the people of WV.”

“Vickers, who is running as a Democrat, has been one of the strongest voices calling for reform in the Democratic Party, nationally and in WV. In the 2016 presidential nominating election in WV, Bernie Sanders, who Vickers supported as an elected delegate to the Democratic National Convention, won the popular vote in each of WV’s 55 counties, and won a majority of the elected pledged convention delegates, but, all eight (8) of WV Democratic Party’s “superdelegates” blatantly ignored the majority popular will for Sanders, and supported Clinton, so that a majority of WV’s delegation to the national convention voted for Clinton’s nomination. Outraged that national Democratic rules permitted Party leaders to subvert the clear preference of WV’s primary voters, Vickers has doggedly advocated for reform, transparency, and accountability, to the point of being attacked by the Democratic Party establishment. But, she refuses to back down. Her effective efforts, and those of others, resulted in changing the National Democratic Party’s rules to prohibit superdelegates from voting on the first presidential nominating ballot.”

The above is from a press release written by Selena Vickers.

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