Scratch-and-sniff Stamps Are Coming To A Post Office Near You

(ABC NEWS)- Scratch-and-sniff stamps are coming to a post office near you, the United States Postal Service announced on Monday.

With the warm summer weather moving in, Americans love to cool off with a refreshing ice pop on a hot day, bringing inspiration to the latest Forever stamp from the USPS. The colorful stamps feature different designs, shapes and flavors of ice cream pops.


The watercolor illustrations of the treats are the work of Margaret Berg of Santa Monica, California, while art director Antonio Alcala designed the stamps with Leslie Badani, both of Alexandria, Virginia. Each stamp is designed with two different ice cream pops on it, with 10 different designs in the booklet.

The Frozen Treats Forever stamps will be introduced in Austin, Texas, at the Thinkery Children’s Museum on June 20 at 6 p.m. CDT in a special dedication ceremony.


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