RMSPSD Water Project nearing completion

PINEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The Wyoming County Commission met yesterday morning with multiple important items on its agenda.

The final phase of the Ravencliff-McGraws-Saulsville Public Service District water source is nearly complete. While this is a large project, residents of these areas have been fortunate to not have issues along the way.

“The people haven’t been without water,” said Wyoming County Commission Administrator Mike Goode. “They’ve luckily, I guess because of the rain and the increase in the water table in the summer and the spring, we haven’t had any droughts. They’ve been able to supply water to all of their customer and residents. By Monday, all of the power should be in.”

The project has lasted close to a year and hasn’t been without unexpected issues.

“They were looking at another place,” Goode said. “They had an issue with ride aways. They had an issue here with ride away. They were just going through the mountains. There was already a line through there and somebody, I think they had an issue with the landowner. He found out that he didn’t really own the land that they were on, so they took care of that. But it held them up there too.”

Once the water source is complete, the hope is that it will never run out for its residents.

“Nothing’s forever, but that’s what they say, that there’s enough water here in this mine,” Goode said. “It’s ongoing. It continues to go in. I’ve heard that one of the reasons that they’re not in the mine is because it had so much water in it.”

Goode says that the new source will be so efficient that residents and RMSPSD customers won’t be able to tell a difference, and that’s something everyone can get on board with.

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