Rim to River 100 endurance race begins in Fayette County

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Runners from around the country visit Fayette County to participate in a 100-mile race. 

The Rim to River 100 is the first and only 100-mile race to be held in West Virginia. In the early hours of Saturday morning, racers from around the country lined up at Ace Adventure Resort before beginning the 32-hour long race. There were more than 200 racers representing more than 30 states, including one runner from Georgia. 

“It’s an awesome race, it’s the first year that it’s been going on and I thought it’d be a beautiful time. I’ve had a couple of other training runs and a couple other courses that I’ve ran in the past, so I think I’m pretty prepared for it.”

This isn’t the only endurance race to be held in the state, other races have ranged between 20 and 40 miles, but this will be the first to hit the 100-mile mark. The race was put on by the founders of Adventure Appalachia, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people learn about and experience outdoor opportunities in the area.

Bryant Baker, the race organizer, said it’s been an incredible experience having the chance to make history and put on the first 100-mile race in the state, especially in a year like this.

“It’s great. The runners are psyched. It’s been fun seeing people, meeting folks. Just having a race get to happen this year has been a big thing. And then having the first hundred-miler in the state is awesome for people. Everyone’s just super psyched,” Baker said.

In the 32-hour race, runners start at Ace Adventure Resort and leave in groups every 15 minutes. They travel throughout the New River Gorge hitting major landmarks along the way and stopping at aid stations for support. They travel down to Thurmond and loop back up all the way to Ansted, before turning around and heading back to Ace Adventure Resort. 

The race had numerous sponsors from local businesses and proceeds will benefit Adventure Appalachia. 

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