Reinforcements being made to migratory birds

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) –  In correlation with an executive order released by the Biden Administration on environmental protection reinforcement, the reinstatement of migratory bird protections, and a reset of the original Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1916, is now underway throughout the country.

This reinforcement will potentially weaken industrial and human-related activities that have been known to annually cause bird deaths that could otherwise be prevented.  But apparently, this reset will not be doing any more than the actions that have already been taken to protect the birds.

“What the current administration is doing to my knowledge is resetting that back to the original agreement that we were supposed to be adhering to,” says Wendy Perrone, Executive Director at Three Rivers Avian Center. “So, it’s not that anything has necessarily been changed or added, it has been set to where it was all agreed upon first.”

And here in the mountain state, we’ve already been acknowledging and protecting migratory birds for decades through programs like the Peregrin Falcon Program, and just by simply being one of the more rural states in the country.

“Here in West Virginia, we have a unique situation because so much of our ecosystem is forested or still in very good shape, we’re kind of a sink,” she says.

And because we are a natural sanctuary for more migratory birds, agencies such as the National Park Service and Three Rivers Avian Center have always made efforts to protect our birds and spread awareness on how important they really are on the ecosystem.
“This is one of the rare places, the whole vibe of Fayetteville, you don’t really have to grow up. Here you can keep playing through outdoor activities and have fun. So, we thought it would be a good place to host the event and that we would get a lot of people to participate, and so far we have,” Perrone says.
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