Registrar offers projections for general election voting in Tazewell County

TAZEWELL, VA (WOAY) – Saturday will be the last chance for in-person voting in Tazewell County before general elections on Tuesday.

The county is expecting a 70-75% overall turnout on election day. After a large turnout in the early voting period, the hope is that lines at polling locations will be moving quickly on efficiently coming up on Tuesday.

“On Tuesday, I think you’ll see more like a normal November election, a non-presidential type election,” said Tazewell County Director of General Registrar Brian Earls. “Presidential elections, the turnout is usually double what they are in the other November elections. So I think with all of these early voters, that will lead to us seeing more normal turnout on election day.”

Tazewell County polling locations are following social distancing measures and requiring masks for voters throughout the process.

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