Red Cross looking for local and regional volunteers to help with tornado disaster relief in Midwest

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – After deadly tornadoes left behind a trail of disaster in Kentucky and other parts of the midwest last weekend, the Central Appalachia Region Red Cross deployed hundreds of volunteers right in the heart of destruction.

When it comes to disaster relief in the hard-hit areas, the regional organization is preparing for the long haul.

“Particularly right now at Christmas time, knowing that it is the holiday season, we recognize that this operation is going to go on for weeks and months,” says Red Cross Regional CEO Erica Mani.

As businesses and organizations close for Christmas, recovery supplies and housing may be even more scarce for the affected people in the midwest.

Beyond sending out local emergency response vehicle drivers to the disaster areas to distribute supplies and comfort items, and providing thousands of meals, the regional Red Cross is also currently sheltering over 500 people in Kentucky, alone.

“It wasn’t so long ago that we in West Virginia were in a similar position following the devasting floods, and our neighbors and people all across the country really pulled together to make sure that we had the support that we needed to deal with that disaster and recover, and you know, now it’s our turn that we can give back,” Mani says.

With a volunteer shortage, the organization is seeking out more local and regional volunteers than ever before to help out with disaster relief in West Virginia’s neighboring state.

If you are unable to volunteer your time to the tornado disaster relief cause, the Red Cross is also accepting monetary donations.

You can visit the Central Appalachia Region Red Cross to volunteer or donate to the cause.

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