Reach Family Resource Center holds food distribution

HINTON, WV (WOAY) – The Reach Family Resource Center partnered with the United States Department of Agriculture and Save the Children to host a food distribution on Friday.

The distribution took place at the Lifeline Church in Hinton with free food boxes for anyone who came by.

“They are free to anyone, no income questions, nothing asked all they need to do is come and get them,” said Executive Director of the Reach Family Resource Center Doris Selko. “We have about twelve hundred a couple weeks ago we had another truck with twelve hundred and we were fortunate enough to be able to give all of it away. So we are hoping to have the same luck today.”

Cars were lined up an hour before the food truck even arrived which organizers say is fairly common.

“They line up really early and last time they lined up starting at five o’clock in the morning for a ten o’clock distribution,” Selko said. “This morning the truck was supposed to be here at about nine o’clock this morning and there were some problems and it’s not going to get here till three or four this afternoon. So fortunately these people that were here this morning a lot of them have come back.”

Regardless of the time or location, everyone who comes to the distributions receive at least one thirty-pound box of food filled with a variety of items.

“The last time they had a gallon of milk. They had some cottage cheese, they had some yogurt, they had some hotdogs, some meatballs,” said Selko. “Some of the blocks of cheese and then they had potatoes, apples, onions, and a beat.” So they had a different variety of those kinds of vegetables and stuff.”

For more information on future food distributions visit the Reach Family Resource Center’s Facebook page.

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