Raleigh County Veterans Museum

The Raleigh County Veterans Museum may look small from the outside but it holds a vast amount of history inside. Join me and let’s see what we can do on 1 Tank of Gas

This museum located in Beckley holds displays and artifacts from wars dating all the way back to the American Revolution.
It was founded by veterans and officially opened in 2001.  You might have even seen one of the prized displays as you pass by their location on Harper Road.

“We have a 1/32 scale model of the Battleship USS West Virginia.  It’s the second ship after she was raised and reoutfitted after pearl harbor,” said museum curator Patrick Parker.

Some other interesting artifacts also include a brick from the prison where John McCain was imprisoned and tortured along with an actual piece from the Berlin Wall, but the museum’s curator thinks the most interesting artifact they have on display is something that brings war close to home.

“Its an original death card for recon team West Virginia which was a special force recon team during the Vietnam War.  The card promises a North Vietnamese army soldiers money for proof of death or capture of a team member of recon West Virginia,” said Patrick.

My favorite part was trying to lift an anchor chain where each link weighs approximately 200 lbs.             I didn’t move it much, but hey, I just got done eating lunch.  The museum is also doing things outside these walls to bring history alive.

“Next weekend we are having a play that is being put on by Treehouse Ensemble.  It is going to be held at the Raleigh Theater on September 21st and 22nd at 8 pm,” said Patrick.

So whether you want to experience history through artifacts and displays, or you prefer to see the characters played out right before your eyes, the Raleigh county veterans museum has you covered.
and the best part of your trip is you can do it in less than 1 tank of gas.

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