Raleigh County Schools adjusting to technology for virtual students one month into the semester

MABSCOTT, WV (WOAY) – School systems around the area worked all summer to prepare and learn new technological methods of teaching for this school year.

Raleigh County schools are adjusting to having both in-person students, as well as 100% virtual students. At Mabscott Elementary School, teachers will contact virtual parents and students via Google form on the days that they don’t have in-person students.

“The Google forms have information like, ‘Is your technology working?'” said Mabscott Elementary School Principal Beverly Weis. “‘Do you have your internet? Did you schedule your virtual food boxes? Do you need any support? Do you need any help?’ If parents don’t reply to the Google form, then they make phone calls.”

The online forms of technological learning this school year are Schoology and Seesaw. The Mabscott staff made sure that both parents and students were familiar with their respective technologies and all they required right at the beginning of the year.

“One of the things that we made sure that we did at the beginning of the year was train our kids,” Weis said. “That way, when they went home that very first day, they knew exactly what needed to be done. We also sent the information to the parents. We sent it to their emails.”

Mabscott has emphasized that every student be given equal and necessary attention this year, regardless of their status or learning situation.

“Throughout the week we do check-ins with them,” Weis said. “The students who are most at risk, like our Title 1 students or our special education students, they actually have team meetings throughout the week virtually with our teachers. With our special education teachers and our Title 1 teachers.”

It’s been an adjustment with having virtual elementary students for the first time ever at Mabscott. However, a clear-cut strategy combined with a team effort across the board has resulted in a successful first month back.

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