Raleigh County officials celebrate groundbreaking of new Sheriff’s Department headquarters

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Raleigh County officials break ground on the new headquarters for the county Sheriff’s department at Pinecrest Industrial Park in Beckley.

County Sheriff Scott Van Meter has been head of the department for more than four years. He’s been working for this moment since assuming the role.

“I came in a little over four years ago,” Van Meter said. “That was one of my top priorities, to try to get the Sheriff’s Department a new building.”

The current headquarters is located at the former State Police building off of Eisenhower Drive in Beckley. Raleigh County Commissioner Greg Duckworth used to work with state police. He feels the updated headquarters will benefit the entire Raleigh County community.

“It’s all positive,” Duckworth said. “I don’t see any negative with serving the public and putting safety first.”

It’s far from just a new location that’s bringing so much excitement to the Sheriff’s Department. Planning and development for the new headquarters has been in progress for three years. Upgrades in technology and resources will benefit the entire department.

“We’re going to have facilities, gymnasiums,” said Raleigh County Chief Deputy Jim Canaday. “Things that will attract the best people that want to come work with us.”

Breaking ground on the new location is a milestone moment, but the job is only just beginning.

“Now the work begins,” Duckworth said. “It’s time to get ‘Radford and Radford to work and get this building up and get the manpower in the building where it’s serving the public.”

For a department aiming to help the community, receiving support like this will only improve that connection.

“They risk their lives everyday,” Van Meter said. “We owe it to them to give them the tools they need and that’s what we’re doing.”

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