Raleigh County man reunites with late father’s guitar

SHADY SPRING, WV (WOAY) – After searching for three years for his late father’s guitar, Isiac Mcallister turned to WOAY to help get the word out. Within two days after the story aired and with help from the community, Mcallister was reunited with his late father’s guitar. 

“It’s just so relieving, it’s really just hard to put in words,” Mcallister said. 

Although the guitar is now with the rightful owner, the journey back home was not easy. The guitar was first sold to a local guitar shop and later resold multiple times. After the story aired, the guitar shop contacted Mcallister through Facebook and put him in contact with the person they originally sold it to. 

“I ended up calling the guy and talk to him a little bit and he confirmed it and said they re-sold it after it was sold to them. They were sold it to a buddy of his and that he would be willing to give it back. I got in touch with him and he sent me some pictures to confirm it and I got it back the next day,” he said. 

Due to not having authentication, the guitar shop ended up wiping all the famous signatures away.   

“You can still see a little bit of the signature right here in this one they tried to sand off,” he said. 

Mcallister says he plans on making it big in the music industry and his father’s guitar will be right by his side along the way. 

“I really think my dad could’ve been a front runner of any guitar magazine out of Nashville and he never was, but maybe in a few years I could be,” he said. 

Mcallister said he would like to thank everyone who helped.

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