Raleigh County Library kicks off ‘100 Days of Reading Challenge’

The Raleigh County Library is celebrating its 100th birthday. In honor of the Centennial history, readers can challenge themself to ‘100 Days of Reading.’

“What better way to encourage reading than making it a game, especially for teens and adults who sometimes don’t like to participate too much with programs,” said director Amy Stover. “All you have to do is read 100 days this year and you will get a nice goody bag at the end.”

You could read the same book for 100 days.

“Read at your own pace, you read what you want to read,” she said. “We just want to see you reading every day or at least 100 of them.”

According to Stover, it’s not difficult to get people interested in reading. She says every year more people check out more books.

“Some physically here at the library, some through our digital services like West Virginia Reads or Hoopla. But the number just keeps going up,” the director said. “We just want to get those people on a dedicated reading schedule — not putting it off for holidays or summer. Let’s make reading an everyday habit.”

As long as you’re reading, Stover says it doesn’t matter how (a physical book or your phone or tablet) — whatever’s most comfortable.

“I know a great number of people like a digital book because they can change the font size to make it bigger and easier to read but that doesn’t change the weight of the book,” she said. “Larchmont books can get very hefty when you go from 300 pages to 500 pages. If it works for them, more power to them.”

The director happily encourages people to read.

“I love reading and everyone always loves to share something that they care about with others,” said Stover. “And reading is a lifelong skill that can only help you.”

Already, 27 people are signed up and reading. You have until the last 100 days of the year to get registered.

Call the library at 304-255-0511 ext. 2 or drop by and speak to the reference librarian.

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