Driver’s Ed students learn the dangers of drinking and driving with DUI Simulator

COAL CITY (WOAY)- Independence High School is driving home a message to it’s students: don’t drink and drive.

“If we can get them to realize this now, hopefully in the future we can keep them from doing something stupid when they hit the roads themselves,” Driver’s Education teacher Scott Suthbert said.

Driver’s Education students are testing out a D-U-I Simulator, which shows you the dangers of driving drunk.

“They put you in like a real life car,” sophomore Isaiah Duncan said. “It’s really cool. You got screens on both sides and you got one in front of you. It’s kind of like you’re enclosed like in an actual car. It’s fun to drive with it and crazy too.”

At first, you’re just driving along. But as you continue to step on the accelerator, your blood alcohol content rises, the conditions get worse and more often than not, you crash.

“The BAC level rises and then you just start swerving all over the roads,” Duncan said. “It’s crazy.”

“The goal is to give them that hands on experience they can’t get anywhere else and why us adults say to not drink and drive,” DUI Simulator Program Coordinator Dan Pekins said.

Newswatch Reporter Dylan Fearon buckled in too, but like most of the students, crashed.

“After doing that,” Duncan said, “it makes me and influences me not to do what that shows and what happens.”

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