Raleigh County Humane Society in need of adopters and fosters, has roughly 140 animals

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – The Raleigh County Humane Society is in urgent need of adoptions and foster homes.

The shelter has roughly 140 animals in house at the moment, and this past week they received 11 animals in just one day.

They say the cost to keep the animals healthy is also putting a toll on their operation, and they are hopeful to see some pet lovers come in to adopt in the coming weeks. 

“One thing we need above all else is adoptive families and foster homes,” said Alexis Johnston, social outreach coordinator with the humane society. “We are so full right now, getting some animals out of the building is the only way we are able to help new ones.”

The Humane Society added that many of the animals were in need of veterinary care when they were brought in. One dog even had a chain embedded in its neck.

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