Raleigh County animal control hires new two animal control officers

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – In a viral Raleigh County Commission meeting, it was announced that two new animal control officers were hired.

“As of today, we hired two new animal control officers. we really excited to have them on board. I just want the public to know that it will take a little bit to get those guys trained especially with the coronavirus the way it is we cant put them in the same vehicle,” Michael said.

After nearly a month of having one animal control officer work the entire county. Raleigh County animal control has now hired two officers to fill the positions of two employees that resigned last month after receiving death threats.

“We’re fully staff but not fully trained. So those guys, like you said they’re green so they have to be trained and naturally as you can imagine probably 100 different scenarios.”

County Commission Assistant Administrator Billy Michael who oversees the officers says they are now fully staffed but it will take time before the officers are able to be on their own.

“To help slow the spread of this virus for the prevention of our employee and any public who may have been in there, but to seriously make sure our employees are safe and the wellness of their families as well, we thought in their best interest and out to close the courthouse.”

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