Pumpkin drop held at New River Intermediate School

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New River Intermediate School in Oak Hill held its annual Pumpkin drop contest on Oct. 10.

The event has been held for decades, giving school kids a chance to get hands-on experience with engineering principles.

“It was a stem activity,” Sandra Whitaker said. “They come up with some very different things. Some use pillows, shredded paper bubble wrap pillows, old clothing.”

Students were not allowed to use materials that could explode or poison wildlife.

The event involves a lot of community input. Students from WVU Tech met with kids from New River Intermediate to go over some important principles.

The Oak Hill Fire Department was on hand to provide the height for the pumpkins fall- nearly 75 feet from the top of the ladder truck to the ground where the pumpkins and their armor broke apart.

“It’s important for the fire department to be part of the community. This is a fire prevention week, so we engage with as many schools as possible,” Tim Richardson, Chief of the Oak Hill Fire Department, said.

Out of more than 200 contestants, only 6 survived the fall.

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