PSC Recommends Budget Billing Plans to Avoid a Spike in Your Utility Bill

CHARLESTON, WV – The Public Service Commission of West Virginia reminds consumers that budget billing plans offered by utility companies can eliminate sudden increases during winter heating and summer cooling seasons.

“No one likes to see a spike on his or her utility bill when heating or cooling season starts,” said PSC Chairman Charlotte Lane.  “Budget billing helps consumers plan from month to month without worrying about how seasonal changes in usage will affect their bills.”

To establish a budget billing plan, contact your electric or natural gas utility.  They will review your usage history, evaluate anticipated energy prices and determine an average monthly billing amount.  Many plans are adjusted annually; others adjust more frequently to eliminate true-up months.  The specifics vary between utility companies.  Contact your utility providers to ask about the plans they offer.

Electric Utility Companies

Appalachian Power/Wheeling Power: 1-800-956-4237

Monongahela Power: 1-800-686-0022

Potomac Edison Power: 1-800-686-0011

Harrison Rural Electrification Association: 304-624-6365

Black Diamond Power: 304-683-5281

Craig-Botetourt Rural Electric: 1-800-760-2232


Natural Gas Utility Companies

Mountaineer Gas: 1-800-834-2070

Dominion Energy WV: 1-800-688-4673

Peoples Gas: 1-800-764-0111

Consumers Gas Utility Company: 304-523-9223 (Huntington);

304-927-3070 (Spencer); 1-844-267-6872 (Pennsboro)

Union Oil & Gas: 304-586-2151

Southern Public Service: 304-743-3501

Cardinal Natural Gas, Northern Division: 304-584-4545

Cardinal Natural Gas, Southern Division: 304-327-7161

Canaan Valley Gas: 304-866-4872

Standard Gas Co.: 304-884-7850

A.V. Company: 304-775-5485

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