PSC Approves LED Outdoor Lighting for Mon Power/PE Customers

CHARLESTON, WV – The Public Service Commission approved a proposal by Monongahela Power Company (Mon Power) and The Potomac Edison Company (PE) to offer energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) outdoor lighting to its customers.  The Commission approved lower rates than proposed by the Companies and rejected the Companies’ request for a one-time charge for converting existing lighting facilities to LED luminaires.


“Mon Power and PE customers will soon have the option of energy efficient outdoor LED lighting,” stated PSC Chairman Charlotte Lane.  “The Public Service Commission recognizes the importance of the prudent use of energy and believes it is important for customers to be able to enjoy the benefits and comforts of energy consumption in a responsible and efficient way.  LED lights not only consume less energy, they use electricity more efficiently than the current outdoor/streetlight lighting options.  The Commission is pleased to offer these savings to the Mon Power/PE customers.”


The LED outdoor lighting option is a voluntary additional offering available to government entities and residential customers.


The Commission’s Consumer Advocate Division, Energy Efficient West Virginia and the West Virginia Citizens Action Group were intervenors in this case.


Mon Power/PE serves approximately 534,700 customers in 30 West Virginia counties.  More information on the case and the complete Order may be obtained from the PSC website: by referencing Case No. 20-0461-E-T.

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