Princeton mom fights for justice for son lost to gun violence

A mother’s love guides her, Brenda Rucker is fighting for justice for son Arrien Porterfield, whose senseless death has rocked her world.

Her 27-year-old son was gunned down in July in Bluewell after accepting a ride home with a few friends. This grieving mother will stop at nothing to get that justice for her firstborn.

“A number of cars surrounded the young girl’s car, and a gentleman got out of the car, started beating on the young girl, and my son got out and tried to protect this young girl and for that his life was taken,” Rucker said.

Brenda says since that date her life has been a living hell, a nightmare she wants to wake up from.

“I wasn’t able to even see him when I got back from vacation, had to wait ’til they brung his body back to the funeral home. Nightmare not to see him, or hear him or talk to him,” said Rucker.

According to Brenda, Arrien was full of life, love, laughter, his smile would light up a room.

“He was kind-hearted, a kind spirit, that would help anyone, take the shirt off his back to give to you, if you call him, he’d be there,” his mom said. “He has a six-month-old daughter… He dreamed to watch her grow up and be happy and healthy; to walk her down the aisle.”

She calls her son an innocent bystander, wrong place, wrong time — trying to do a good deed. She wants the suspect to be locked up for life.

“It’s 33 days that my son has been buried six feet under and this person, which everyone knows who did it, has been walking around free,” Rucker said. “Want justice, I’ve been told they’re working on it, Mercer County Sheriff’s Department from Princeton has been telling me they’re working on it, and what they’ve given me has not been good enough.”

Brenda said personally she listened to an unedited 911 call that says the suspect’s name who shot her son.

“No one has brought this person in for questioning the next day,” Rucker said. “Nothing has been done to me correctly to follow the protocol of what the police should have done.”

Brenda misses hearing her son’s voice, talking and texting with him everyday.

“If it takes to the day I die, me and my family are not gonna give up… Arrien will bring justice,” said Rucker.

If you can do anything to help out the family, it would be greatly appreciated.

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