Princeton Fire Department offers free smoke alarms through Sound the Alarm program

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – The Princeton Fire Department is inviting the community to take advantage of a program called Sound the Alarm.

It’s a program where the local fire department goes to your home and installs smoke detectors free of charge.

Lt. Charlie Croy with the Princeton Fire Department says this program may just save your life.

“It is proven time and time again that smoke alarms save lives,” Croy said. “Somewhere in the United States there’s seven people a day that lose their life because they weren’t alerted to a fire by a smoke alarm.”

This isn’t the first time the Princeton Fire Department has offered this program. It started back in 2019 through a partnership with the American Red Cross and the Case Commission on Aging.

“Thankfully we’re able to continue this service for the community. Every smoke alarm we get out there, that’s another life saved.”

The Princeton Fire Department actually once broke the state record for the program, and had more than 300 smoke alarms installed in one day.

Lt. Croy says that installing a smoke alarm provides a basic benefit all homes should have. They let you become aware of danger and get to safety.

“It allows you to contact your local fire department faster, so we can do our jobs and try to save your home.”

The Princeton Fire Department is offering this program from now until May 8. 

Anyone in the Princeton area interested in the program can call 1-800-REDCROSS for information on getting started.

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