Portions of Summers County to get fiber optic internet

SUMMERS COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – The Summers County Commission met with the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of GoGig Incorporated to hear their plan to provide fiber optic internet to parts of the county.

“Our mission as an organization is to provide reliable, cost effective, and secure gigabyte internet to services that don’t have it particularly in the rural markets,” said COO of GoGig Incorporated Paul Summers. “Because it’s been a mission of ours, we have all been in positions where you can’t have internet. Everybody has kids or people want to have different work opportunities and that’s what this is really about is opening that opportunity for the community.”

GoGig will provide portions of Summers county with one thousand megabyte per second internet which is ten to twenty times faster than the current internet available. This higher speed internet will be available for the northern and eastern portions of the county which has been divided into seven zones called “GiggyTowns”.

“What we ask them to do is look up their address and put in their information,” Summers said. “We are looking for email address and their address and for them to click a button to say they’d like to register their home. These are for GiggyTowns, it’s basically different sections in the county that are broken down that way instead of needing four thousand people to beat a sixty percent for our registration, we break it up to make it a little manageable for the residents.”

Once a GiggyTown reaches a sixty percent registration rate, then GoGig will begin the construction process and set up residents with their internet.

County commissioners are excited about the opportunity to provide this service as it will not only provide internet for residents, but also the tourists as well.

“A lot of people come to Summers county for the outdoor activities and this will give us the opportunity to now bring high speed internet capability to Summers county where that access hasn’t previously to this level of speed,” said Summers County Commissioner Ted Kula.

If you’d like to register your home for free. All you have to do is visit gogig.net/Summers.

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