Pocahontas Mayor reflects on narrow margin of victory for reelection

POCAHONTAS, VA (WOAY) – The Mayor of Pocahontas reflects on his narrow margin of victory during the election.

Mayor Benjamin Gibson was running against Charles Helmandollar and won with a vote count of 78 versus 73. On election night there were still four mail-in ballots yet to be counted, but even if all four went to his opponent, Gibson would still win with just one vote.

Both Gibson and Helmandollar have been long-time residents of Pocahontas, and Gibson said that he expected narrow margins during the election, as the town has a history of close races. 

“In Pocahontas history, any time individuals that run for the office of mayor that have been residents here for a long time, or anything like that, the elections historically, they were always within a couple votes,” Gibson said.

In the future Gibson says he plans to continue working on the Exhibition Mine Grant and other opportunities for local economic development.

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