Plateau Medical Center Physician provides update four days after receiving first dosage of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – The excitement and anticipation that was present earlier this week remains today.

Plateau Medical Center Physician Dr. Paul Conley is four days into this first dosage of the Pfizer vaccine and has had no issues so far.

“I received the first dose of a two shot series with Pfizer,” Conly said. “The second day, I had a little bit of soreness in the arm, but no more than a regular flu vaccine. Since then, zero side effects. No fatigue. No malaise. Again, just a typical flu vaccine. Nothing worse than that.”

Conley isn’t concerned about the mild arm soreness that he felt this week. With a vaccine of this magnitude, there could be positives towards a slight reaction.

“Some people actually think that if you have some fatigue, maybe some malaise, that that’s a good thing. That’s your immune system responding to the vaccine. And that itself depicts that you’re having some good response to the vaccine, to the injection.”

With no immediate concerns regarding the vaccine, Conley and other professionals are keeping their eyes down the road for when more vaccinations are available for distribution.

“We’re looking at distribution. That’s what we’re really looking at. Distribution of the Pfizer vaccine. The rollout. The other thing is Moderna.

“Their vaccine is going through the process now. We’re very hopeful that that vaccine will be available as early as even next week.”

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