Plans to hold 42nd annual Bridge Day Festival in the works

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – While an official decision hasn’t been made yet, planning for this year’s annual Bridge Day festival is slowly starting to be in the works.

Everyone is more than ready to move forward with these plans after its 2020 cancelation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve been meeting monthly with the Bridge Day Commission, and plans are moving forward with planning the event for October 16th, which is only 116 days away, so we have Bridge Day planned in effect,” says Becky Sullivan, chair of the Bridge Day Commission.

The Bridge Day Commission is now taking registrations for vendors and making preparations for Into the Gorge shuttle bus rides, BASE jumpers, and rappelers to return to the famous steel arch bridge again this year.

“We have everything in place that we had for the 2019 Bridge Day, which was the 40th anniversary, so we are celebrating the 42nd Bridge Day here in 2021.”

If Bridge Day does get to happen this year, everyone can expect it to be about the same as it’s always been, with the exception of the COVID-19 precautions still in place and possibly larger crowds post-quarantine and the New River Gorge now being a national park.

“It will be amazing. I’ve attended two large events this year and it feels great to get out and see people smiling, and see their faces, and be able to shop the local vendors, and enjoy the area that we call home,” Sullivan says.

The 41st annual Bridge Day may have been a bust, but everyone can most likely expect the 42nd to be back and bigger and better than ever.

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