Piney Creek Watershed Association holds litter clean up event

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – “We are trying to end 2020 on a positive note by cleaning up a part of our city and we really want to beautify the area so we can step into 2021 feeling good.”

Piney Creek Executive Director Corey Lilly along with several volunteers worked to clean up trash from behind Elevation Sports. This area sits next to a parking lot that serves several stores where people, unfortunately, dump their litter. In fact, this is the second time the Watershed Association has held a clean up here.

“Typically we like to choose different sites, but this particular site behind Elevation Sports continues to be trashed and littered upon,” said Piney Creek Executive Director Corey Lilly. “We are really trying to focus on this, get it completely cleaned up, and then raise awareness so that people will stop dumping trash here.”

The most common types of trash found here are soda cans, bottles, and papers from inside of vehicles. In many cases the owners of these items don’t intend to litter, but as they enter and exit their vehicle the trash can be blown out by the wind. It is recommended that people remove trash from their vehicles each time they stop for gas.

“There’s a lot of resources to dispose of your trash responsibly,” said Lilly. “Every time you stop at a gas station that provides an opportunity for you to dispose of cans, or bottles, or anything you have in your car. That’s what this really seems to be is just people that are throwing things out of their car or when they open up their door going into the grocery store they let things fly out.”

There are even ways to dispose of household trash aside from your regular garbage pickup. Occasionally, the Beckley Solid Waste Authority offers a free day where you can take your trash if it becomes an issue. That way we reduce the amount of litter and keep our cities clean.

If you are interested in participating in a local clean up check out the Piney Creek Watershed Association on Facebook.

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