Patriot Park close to being complete in Welch

WELCH, WV (WOAY) – A park to honor veterans is almost fully constructed in Welch.

The city of Welch public works is building a Patriot Park right at the Riverside Drive intersection.

“West Virginia has more veterans per capita than any state in the union,” said Welch Mayor Harold McBride. “McDowell County has more veterans per capita than any county in West Virginia. So we felt like it was just time that we did something to show our veterans that we care about them and we love them.”

McBride has served as mayor for just over a year. This is a project that he has been focused on for almost the entirety of that time.

“When I came into office I drew this out,” McBride said. “This was one of the first projects that I wanted to do. So we have a wall, and we have emblems of the armed forces on it. We have the wall down here which will have Patriot Park on it.”

The park will also have a stream, bridge, benches and a walkway to fill out the area. It will fall right in line with the community’s patriotic mindset.

“We have the longest running Veteran’s Day parade in the United States,” McBride said. “We’re very patriotic and we love our veterans. Everybody’s very enthused that we’re doing something just to honor veterans.”

There will be two events held this Saturday to celebrate Patriot Park as well as 9/11.

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