Parenting during the Pandemic

As students head back into the classroom, after a lost year of socially-distanced learning, a new study shows that parents are especially concerned about their children’s social and emotional development.
According to Brainly, the world’s largest online learning platform, the Brainly Pandemic Education Index shows that the majority of US parents are worried about their kids falling behind in their learning during the pandemic and worried about the adjustment back into classroom learning. 
Of over 3,000 parents surveyed by Brainly, the biggest fears include:
  1. In-person adjustment: 55% are concerned about their child adjusting back to in-person learning
  1. Lack of learning: 55% are worried about the impact of a lack of learning over the past year
  1. Social plus emotional development: 47% are worried about children’s social and emotional development
The biggest worries for parents as the kids start a new school year:
  • 26.7% Managing their child’s anxiety at being back in a school environment 
  • 25.4% The fear of their family getting sick 
  • 14.5% Commuting to and from school 
  • 13% Their child being bullied                                                            
Additionally, 4 out of 10 have financial worries connected to starting the new school year. 
3,000 students were also surveyed as part of this new research with the following results: 
65% of students reported that they felt anxious about the upcoming school year
40% reported that they felt they were not prepared for the upcoming school year
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