Outdoor Flea Market returns to State Fairgrounds

LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY) – The Outdoor Flea Market in Greenbrier returned today.

Today marked the first Tuesday in several months that the flea market was up and running at the State Fair. There was a variety of people on the grounds today, and some have been coming to the market for multiple decades.

“I’ve been setting up here since ’93,” said Flea Market Vendor Mickey McMillion. “We have different people coming and setting up all of the time. People sell vegetables and a little bit of everything here.”

When the Flea Market was suspended in March, many people were affected. Being able to return towards the end of the summer should provide a boost to those who rely on business from the Flea Market.

“A lot of people make a living here,” McMillion said. “Before March, we set up Tuesdays and Saturdays. Now it’s coming back just on Tuesdays. As soon as we get rid of this virus, I think we’ll go back to two days a week.”

Despite the buildup towards the return, there was a lighter crowd than usual at the market today. McMillon feels confident that more people will be returning once the market has been reopened for a few weeks.

“It’s a little slow today because of the virus going,” McMillion said. “They want you to wear a mask and set up about six or eight feet from people. You meet people and talk to them. You see how they’re doing. It’s like a big family.”

For the time being, the flea market is only open on Tuesdays from 7 am – 1 pm.

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